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• About us and a little history
Interlux Trimmings Inc., formally known as Canadian Spangle Mfg, was founded in 1951. In March of 1996, their long-time plant manager, Mr. Lorenzo Napolitano, became the newest sole proprietor as part of a management buy out (MBO). Interlux Trimmings represents the essence of what a family operated business should be, that is, tradition, quality and unparalleled service. Our products are produced using the highest grade in fibres and other raw materials. Our attention to detail and professionalism is second to none in the industry. We always ensure that products are delivered on time and more importantly, exceed our client’s expectations in terms of quality.

Interlux Trimmings holds over 50 years experience as a manufacturer of a wide range of trims such as fringes, tape bands, cords, tassels, chainette braids, gimp braid and more. We are the only sequence material manufacturer in Canada and currently stock over 50 different colors of sequence. We provide over 60 colors of yarn and thousands of models to choose from. We are certain that there is nothing that our clients will be unable to find since as we are able to customize all of our products according to different preferences and requirements.

Interlux Trimmings…tradition, quality and service now and for years to come.

Welcome to the family,

Lorenzo Napolitano

• Established since 1951

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